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Introduction to the Guarantee Fund

Acting on behalf of victims in the name of national solidarity


The Guarantee Fund is a compensation fund that acts in a general interest capacity in the name of national solidarity – compensating victims who cannot receive compensation of any kind from their insurance companies, and taking legal action against those responsible for damages where the responsible party has been identified in order to seek repayment of the sums paid by the Guarantee Fund to victims.

In recent years, which have been marked by tragic attacks on France, the Guarantee Fund has been called upon to an unprecedented extent to support victims and their relatives. As Julien Rencki, Managing Director of the Guarantee Fund, reiterates, “In the face of loss and suffering, the Guarantee Fund’s mission is to embody national solidarity.”

Every year, more than 100,000 people request assistance through two distinct funds:

  • the FGAO (the Mandatory Third-Party Liability Insurance Guarantee Fund): 65 years of experience of working to help victims of traffic accidents
  • the FGTI (Guarantee Fund for Victims of Terrorism and Other Offences): 30 years of providing support to victims of terrorism


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