The organisation

The Management Committee


Meeting on 6 July 2016, the Board of Directors of the Mandatory Third-Party Liability Insurance Guarantee Fund appointed Julien Rencki as Director-General, on the joint proposal of the Chair of the Board of Directors and the Government’s Commissioner. Julien Rencki is a graduate of Sciences Po Paris and the Université de Paris II, and a former student of the École Nationale d’Administration. He is an exceptional civil service administrator.



The organisation


The Guarantee Fund for Victims, a public service for victims

The Guarantee Fund for Victims has 343 employees, divided between two main entities:

  • Operational departments: responsible for compensating and supporting victims and then for recourse against at-fault parties
  • Support services

Organization chart

Compensation and recourse


The heart and soul of the organisation, these two activities are its raison d’être.  This entity is made up of 175 legal experts specialising in personal injury and property damage compensation, based in Vincennes and Marseilles. Their rigour and know-how, combined with their ability to listen attentively to victims, enable them to provide quick and simple personalised support.


Compensation is structured into 10 departments :

  • regional units (Paris East, North Atlantic, and South): the teams are, in fact, divided into geographical areas by ‘region’ since each victim is associated with a compensation officer according to their place of residence or the place where the offence was committed.

Map of the region

  • 1 department responsible for compensating victims of acts of terrorism
  • 1department dedicated to the compensation of severely injured victims: this SPI (Serious Personal Injury) team takes care of victims with disabilities and is tasked with establishing a relationship of trust, including with their loved ones, offering them compensation adjusted to their particular situation, providing them with material and psychological assistance, and helping them to rebuild their future
  • department in charge of compensation of material damage
  • 1department responsible for compensation of mining risks and the liquidation of insurance companies
  • 1department responsible for compensation of international motor vehicle claims
  • service responsible for helping victims to recover the damages due to them following a court decision: the Crime Victims’ Compensation Recovery Assistance Service (SARVI)
  • 1department responsible for the identification and connection of each victim to a compensation officer

Recourse is composed of 2 departments :


  • ‎legal amicable
  • amicable recourse

The recourse department recovers compensation awarded to victims by the courts from the accused perpetrators responsible for personal injury and/or material damage that was compensated by the Guarantee Fund for Victims. To prevent recidivism, it makes the perpetrators share in the financial consequences of their actions by holding them accountable. The recourse department is therefore responsible for obtaining all relevant information on the at-fault parties, negotiating amicable settlements with them, and implementing means of coercive enforcement, if necessary.

Support services


The Guarantee Fund for Victims relies on several support services such as:

The finance department, which, in particular, manages the assets of the FGAO and FGTI (more than €4 billion in total) intended to cover these commitments to victims. The contributions department, which collects the contributions owed by policyholders, directly from insurance companies, and also collects the share of contributions owed by the insurers themselves. In addition, there are other support services such as accounting, IT, human resources, communication, internal control and risk management, supervision of the medical network, logistics, general services, etc.


The locations of the Guarantee Fund for Victims


  • Vincennes : Head office & main location
  • Marseille : Regional delegation


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