Victim of Crime – CIVI

The Guarantee Fund for Victims (FGTI) is the body responsible for compensating you in the event of an offence as part of national solidarity, with all policyholders contributing to it. It turns against those responsible for the injuries in order to obtain reimbursement of the sums paid to the victims.

The compensation system for victims of crime

It is relevant to your situation if:

  • You were personally the victim of a criminal offence (rape, violence, attempted homicide, damage to property, theft, fraud, etc.),
  • You legally represent a victim of a criminal offence (minor or protected adult),
  • One of your relatives (spouse, ascendant, descendant) has died as a result of a criminal offence.

Additionally, your damage results from events, whether intentional or not (reckless or negligent behaviour), which have the material nature of an offence.

You must then file a claim with the Crime Victims Compensation Board (CIVI), which is associated with each Court of Law.

The CIVI sends your request and the supporting documents to the Guarantee Fund for Victims. It will continue to act as the intermediary between you and the FGTI throughout the compensation procedure.


I haven’t filed
a claim with the CIVI yet
   I’ve already filed
a claim with the CIVI

> Download the CERFA form (french version)

important :

The damages excluded from the scope of intervention of the Crime Victims Compensation Board (CIVI) are those resulting from :


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