International traffic accident

In the event of a traffic accident abroad, the Guarantee Fund for Victims may step in under certain conditions, in order to compensate your material damage and/or personal injuries or those of a relative.

Each member country of the European Economic Area, i.e. European Union countries as well as Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein, has:

  • a representative appointed by the automobile liability insurance companies,
  • an information organisation tasked with finding the vehicle’s insurer using the number plate (in France this is the AGIRA), and
  • a guarantee fund (in France, the FGAO has been designated).

If your usual place of residence is in France and you are the victim of a traffic accident which occurred on the territory of one of the 48 member countries of the green card system (named after your certificate of insurance, on the back of which you will find the list of countries), you can refer the matter to the Guarantee Fund for Victims if one of the following conditions is met :

(See the interactive map of the Green Card System member countries):

  • no reasoned reply has been presented to you by the at-fault party’s insurer within 3 months of your claim,
  • the insurer of the at-fault party has not appointed a representative in your country of residence,
  • it is impossible to identify the place of the accident and the number plate of the vehicle responsible for your accident (within 2 months following the accident).

Compensation Form

/!\ In all cases, compensation shall be paid in accordance with applicable laws in the country where the accident took place. /!\

What organisation will be able to compensate my damages ? Use your simulation software

The following menu allows you to identify the competent body you should contact depending on the location and registration of the person responsible for your accident.

Important: if none of these elements involve France, we will not be able to give you an answer.

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