Mining Risks

In the event of mining-related property damage to your main residence, the Guarantee Fund for Victims can take charge of your compensation.

The Guarantee Fund for Victims will pay for full compensation of the damage up to a limit of €300,000.

Since the Energy Transition Act 2015-992, this ceiling has been raised to €400,000 for property damage occurring as of 31 December 2007. If the damage is covered by insurance, the compensation paid by the Guarantee Fund for Victims will supplement that of the insurer. If the building cannot be repaired, the compensation must make it possible to regain a building of equivalent nature and comfort.

The conditions of your compensation

You own, live in, or rent a building used as your principal place of residence.

The damage was caused by mining activity and occurred after 1 September 1998.

Documents to provide

  • You contact the Mining Risks Department of the Guarantee Fund for Victims by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, indicating the nature of the damage. The damage results in on-site studies and damage surveys being conducted, which you can use, if needed, by appointing a public claims adjuster.
  • You prepare a claim

The offer of compensation made to you, if your claim is eligible, will be based on the description of the damage, as it appears in damage surveys.

If you do not accept this offer, you will have to justify your areas of disagreement and establish the error in the calculation of the compensation. If the error is established, a new damage survey can be arranged.

How soon should you send your claim ?

You have a period of 6 months from the date of the occurrence of the damage to apply to the Guarantee Fund for Victims.