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The Mandatory Third-Party Liability Insurance Guarantee Fund, SIRET no. 784 394 561 000 38, with registered office located at 64 bis, avenue Aubert, 94682 – VINCENNES CEDEX, France (hereinafter referred to as ‘FGAO’), hereby commits to ensuring that the use of cookies and other technologies on its website complies with regulations on the protection of personal data and in particular:

  • The General Regulation on Data Protection (EU Regulation of 27 April 2016);
  • The Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 amended by Act No. 493-2018 of 20 June 2018.

Definition of cookies

A cookie is a small text, image or software file placed in the browser of an electronic device (computer, smartphone, etc.) when a website is visited, by the server of the website visited or by a third-party server.

The cookie may then access information already stored in this electronic device or save information on it. Depending on how the cookie is used, it can, for example, be used to track a user’s browsing on a website (such as the pages visited or clicks) or to offer the user features on the website.

Types of cookies

There are different types of cookies (this list is not comprehensive):

  • Cookies needed for browsing and the proper functioning of the website: these cookies make it possible to offer users features on a website and detect potential malfunctions;
  • Cookies for measuring web traffic and statistics: these cookies indicate the traffic on a website, the pages visited, the number of visitors and their browsing path on the website;
  • Third-party cookies: these cookies are based on services offered by third-party sites and allow, for example, the playback of multimedia content (videos, etc.) or the sharing of the website’s content on social media platforms;
  • Cookies that enable or facilitate communication by electronic means.

Cookies used on our website

This section describes all the cookies used on our website, the purposes for which they are used and their duration.

Cookies needed for browsing and the proper functioning of the website


Cookie name Purpose Duration
pll_language Cookie that stores the user’s preferred language 1 year
tarteaucitron Cookie allowing the user’s spoken language to be recorded 12 years
x-bni-fpc Firewall protection 13 years
BNIS_vid For site security Session
x-bni-rncf Firewall protection 1 year
BNIS___utm_is1 For site security 1 year
BNIS___utm_is2 For site security 3 hours
BNIS___utm_is3 For site security Session
BNES_* Used by the security firewall Session
BNIS_x-bni-jas Necessary for secure log-in and the detection of any spam or abuse of the website Session
x-bni-ja Functional cookie for site security administration Session
__utm_is_did Functional cookie for site security administration 1 day
__utm_is_wdck Functional cookie for site security administration 1 day

Cookies for measuring web traffic and statistics


Cookie name Purpose Duration
loc (AddThis) cookie Cookies to measure user frequency according to their location 13 months
_pk_id* Matomo – Site usage statistics. This cookie is used to maintain a unique user ID 13 months


Matomo – Site usage statistics. These cookies are used to store browsing data

30 min.

Third-party cookies related to content present on the website


Cookie name Purpose Retention period
uvc (AddThis) cookie Cookie to measure how often content is shared on social media by a single user 13 months
_atuvc (AddThis) cookie Cookie for sharing content on social media 1 month
_atuvs (AddThis) cookie Cookie for loading shared content on social media 1 month
ssc (AddThis) cookie Cookie for loading shared content on social media 13 months
PHPSESSID ( operator) PHP cookie necessary for the session to function with the server on several pages Session
lang ( operator) Used to remember a user’s language setting to ensure that is displayed in the language selected by the user in their preferences. 1 year

Collection of personal data

During your visit on our website and if you accept the use of cookies, two types of personal data are collected: your visitor ID and your IP address.

A visitor ID is an anonymous ID generated from the deposit of cookie on your browser, which allows to analyse your different visits and your navigation on our website (number of web pages visited, number of clicks on the web pages).

These personal data are only exploited to analyse the use of the website and are immediately anonymized.


You can choose to accept or refuse the use of these various cookies as a whole or to allow only certain cookies depending on their purpose. You can configure your preferences in the ‘Manage my cookies’ section of the website.

The selection of your preferences is not permanent. You can withdraw your consent to the use of all or some of the cookies at any time by updating your choices in the ‘Manage my cookies’ section.

After the cookies expire and if you wish to return to our website, your consent to store and read cookies will again be required.

In addition to your options in the ‘Manage my cookies’ section, you can also manage cookies and other trackers linked to your browser by configuring your browser preferences. For more information on this topic, please visit the following websites:

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