Act of terrorism abroad and you are a French national

Your situation


The Guarantee Fund for Victims compensates victims of French nationality.

In the event of the death of a victim of French nationality, his beneficiaries may be compensated, regardless of their nationality.

In the event of the death of a foreign victim, his beneficiaries of French nationality may be compensated.

The beneficiaries of the deceased victims are children, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, brothers, and sisters.

It is the Public Prosecutor who informs the Guarantee Fund for Victims of an attack and of the identity of the victims. In this case, the Guarantee Fund for Victims will contact you directly to compensate you.

However, if you consider yourself to be a victim of a terrorist act, you can send a compensation claim directly to the Guarantee Fund for Victims.

Your compensation forms  :

> If you are a victim :
Compensation form (french version)

> If you are the beneficiary (french version) :
Compensation form (french version)


> Refer to the ombudsman in the event of a dispute :
Referral form (french version)

How do I apply to the FGTI ?


A request to open a claim with a view to compensation requires submitting a completed form (download link above) to the FGTI, accompanied by the following supporting documents :

For victims : 

  • photocopy of an ID
  • medical certificates
  • copy of the complaint filed
  • bank account details
  • family record book and Bank account details (for the beneficiaries)

The FGTI has set up an independent Ombudsman to whom any victim of terrorism can turn if they feel their rights have not been respected.

How soon should you send your claim ?


You have a period of 10 years from the date of the act of terrorism to apply to the FGTI.

In the event of criminal proceedings, the compensation claim may be submitted within one year of the ruling. The Board of Directors of the FGTI may, in all cases and at the request of victims whose claims fall outside the prescribed time limit, decide whether or not to lift the time limit. The victim then submits to the FGTI the reasons why they were unable to assert their rights within the prescribed time limit.

Four questions to explain the FGTI's compensation of victims ?


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#2 : How does the compensation procedure work ?

#3 : How is compensation calculated ?

#4 : How has the Guarantee Fund for Victims responded to the 2015 attacks ?

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