Compensation missions

Implementing National Solidarity for the Victims


Two compensation funds working closely with victims


The 350 employees of the Guarantee Fund for Victims are by the sides of victims. They work for two compensation funds, each of which supports certain types of victims :

  • The Mandatory Third-Party Liability Insurance Guarantee Fund (FGAO)pays victims of traffic accidents when insurance or identification of the person responsible is lacking.
  • The Guarantee Fund for Victims of Terrorist Acts and Other Offences (FGTI) pays victims of terrorism and common law offences.
    The SARVI (Crime Victims’ Compensation Recovery Assistance Service)— attached to the FGTI — is responsible for helping victims to recover the damages and interest due to them following a criminal ruling.

A single goal drives them : to assert the right of each victim to be compensated and to accompany each of them throughout the compensation process, by facilitating their efforts and acting quickly and with kindness.


A personalised response to each claim


Because no two victims are alike, each compensation claim is given individual attention.

In order to assess the seriousness and extent of the victim’s injuries, the compensation officer refers the victim to an independent medical expert who will judge, in the presence of the victim’s referring doctor, the injuries they have suffered. This assessment and monitoring last as long as necessary, i.e. until the victim’s health stabilises. In this way, the Guarantee Fund for Victims implements French compensation law, which is based on the principle of full compensation for damages, in accordance with French law. The conditions of this principle are defined by case law.



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