Appointment of an Ombudsman for Victims of Traffic Accidents

Julien Rencki, Director-General, has appointed Philippe Dupuy as FGAO Ombudsman, after receiving the Board of Directors’ assent.

As part of its efforts to continuously improve the quality of the service provided, the FGAO has set up an Ombudsman, available to victims suffering a personal injury who wish to make a complaint about the compensation procedure or the support arrangements.

The Ombudsman is driven by the values of service, attentiveness, and empathy.

They intervene in a personalised, independent, and impartial manner. They take into account the specific context of each case.

They shall ensure that the rights of victims are respected and shall be bound by confidentiality.

They play a role in facilitating dialogue and seek any amicable solution to avoid legal disputes in connection with the victim compensation procedure.

Any victim may contact the FGAO’s Ombudsman if they feel that their rights have not been respected.
The scope of the Ombudsman’s intervention and the methods for referral are specified in a charter and a form that you can download below.

Download the FGAO charter

Download the FGAO mediator referral form



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