I have an open claim, and I need more details

What is the waiting time for compensation ?


As soon as the claim is complete and admissible, the SARVI does its utmost to compensate victims within 2 months and up to a maximum amount. An incomplete claim may extend the two-month time frame.


Can I refer the matter to a bailiff at the same time as my SARVI claim ?


You can’t refer the matter to a bailiff for collection at the same time as the SARVI. However, a bailiff may be referred to in order to serve the court ruling if the convicted person was not present or represented at the hearing. In this case, you do not need to tick the ‘yes’ box on the form for the question regarding the presence of a bailiff.


What is the waiting time after receiving an advance for the remaining sums to be recovered ?


After payment of the advance, the SARVI will handle the out-of-court collection of your debt. For the remaining sums, there is no time limit because the success of the recovery is very uncertain and depends on the solvency of the convicted person.


I received an additional document request for a ruling with an executory formula. What does this mean ?


The executory formula reads as follows, in French : ‘En conséquence, La République Française mande et ordonne à tous Huissiers de Justice …’. This usually appears in the form of a stamp or on an additional page. If this does not appear on your court ruling, you must request it from the clerk’s office of the Court of First Instance/Court of Appeal/Court of Cassation that issued the ruling.


The victim is my minor child. A bank account in their name is required, but he/she has no bank account. As a legal representative, can I send you my banking information ?


Banking information under your minor child’s name is mandatory. A minor may open a bank account or savings account in their name with the consent of a parent or guardian.


I received a letter indicating that my ruling was not final. What does this mean ?


A decision is considered final from the day on which the means of recourse (appeal, opposition, petition) are no longer available to the convicted person. For the decision to be final, the author must, in principle, be aware of the ruling.


I received a letter from the SARVI informing me that the claim was under the jurisdiction of the CIVI, why ?


The CIVI (Crime Victims Compensation Board) and the SARVI are two mutually exclusive systems. The CIVI is a jurisdiction that compensates the most serious injuries under other eligibility criteria than those provided for the SARVI.


I received a settlement from the convicted person even though the SARVI compensated me, what should I do ?


This payment should be sent immediately to the French Guarantee Fund for Victims by cheque made out to the FGTI-SARVI with the reference number of the claim.


I received a letter informing me that our claim was time-barred. What does this mean ?


Legal action must be taken within the time limits provided for by law. As such, the recovery assistance claim must be submitted within one year of the date on which the decision became final. However, you can be released from the time limit if you have a legitimate reason.


I sent my complete claim almost 2 months ago, can you confirm that I will receive my payment soon ?


We will do our utmost to respond to you within 2 months. The acknowledgement of receipt sent by our services after you sent your claim certifies it was indeed received. After this period, please be patient, we will contact you as soon as possible to inform you of the follow-up that may be given to your claim.


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