I have not yet submitted my claim

I am a victim. Can I apply to the Crime Victims Compenstaion Board (CIVI) by myself ?


You can apply to the CIVI yourself by filing a claim. The assistance of a lawyer is not mandatory. A victim support association could also help you in your efforts.


What is the cost of the compensation procedure ?


The procedure is completely free of charge, whether you are claiming compensation or are requesting an expert opinion.


Is it possible to benefit from legal aid before the CIVI ?

You can benefit from it on the basis of your financial resources or the nature of the offence of which you were a victim (rape, homicide, human trafficking, etc.).

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I filed a claim myself with the CIVI and ultimately I wish to have the advice of a lawyer or a victim support association during the procedure. Is this possible ?


You can, at any time, hire a lawyer or receive assistance from a victim support association.


How soon can I expect to receive an offer ?


If your claim is eligible for compensation, the FGTI has a period of two months from receipt of the complete claim, sent by the CIVI, to submit an offer.


Will the offer be in line with the compensation awarded to me by the criminal court ?


The sums awarded in the criminal trial shall be charged to the perpetrator.

The purpose of the Guarantee Fund for Victims is not to replace the at-fault party, but to independently assess the right to compensation and the loss suffered by the victim in compliance with their fair compensation.


Can the sums allocated for costs incurred in criminal procedures be covered ?


As costs incurred in criminal procedures (lawyers’ fees, bailiffs’ fees, expert’s report, etc.) are out of court, they are not covered by the CIVI.


Is the offender present during the procedure ?


This is a civil procedure that the offender does not attend.

The hearing is not public.


Does the perpetrator have to be convicted in order for me, as a victim, to file a claim before the CIVI ?


A claim may be made at any stage of the criminal procedure (enquiry, investigation, etc.).


The at-fault party has begun to compensate me, can I apply to the CIVI ?


If the at-fault party has not fully compensated you, you may refer the matter to the CIVI at any time by informing it of the amount of the payments already made, which will be deducted from the final compensation.


I have received a payment from the at-fault party during the procedure before the CIVI. What should I do ?


You must inform your contact at the Guarantee Fund for Victims immediately. These amounts will be deducted from the final compensation.


The offender is unknown, can I get compensation ?


The offender does not need to be identified for you to submit a claim before the CIVI.


The CIVI rejected my claim, can I apply to the SARVI ?


You have one year from the CIVI’s decision to apply to the SARVI if, and only if, the at-fault party has been ordered to pay you damages.


What happens if I already filed a claim with SARVI and my file falls under the jurisdiction of the CIVI ?


The SARVI will send you a letter to redirect you, and you will have to file a claim with the CIVI.


I was the victim of a traffic accident in France or a hunting accident. Can I file a claim with the CIVI ?


Compensation for traffic accidents is primarily the responsibility of the insurer. The Mandatory Third-Party Liability Insurance Guarantee Fund (FGAO) is the body dedicated to compensation for traffic and hunting accidents if, and only if, the perpetrator is unknown or uninsured.

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Are the sums paid by the Guarantee Fund for Victims subject to income tax ?


The compensation received is not subject to taxation and does not have to be declared to the tax authorities.