Will the offender pay their debt ?

The recourse of the Guarantee Fund for Victims contributes to penalising the perpetrator for the act they have committed. It is also used to supplement the organisation’s resources to compensate future victims.

The Guarantee Fund for Victims is neither the guarantor of the at-fault party nor their liable party, but intervenes as part of national solidarity in the context of a legal mission.

The Fund’s recovery department will contact the at-fault party and make every effort to obtain repayment of their debt, either amicably or legally.

An amicable reimbursement is always preferable when the at-fault party is willing to pay their debt. In case of refusal of payment or insufficient payment in relation to their financial capacity, the recovery will take a legal turn. In this case, the claim is entrusted to a bailiff, which results in an increase in the debt with the addition of interest from the criminal ruling.

Recourse against an at-fault party may be pursued during their lifetime and even after their death, in which case the Fund has recourse against the estate.


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