Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – The Crime Victims’ Compensation Recovery Assistance Service (SARVI)

What is the SARVI ?

The SARV Iis a Crime Victims’ Compensation Recovery Assistance Service which assists victims in the settlement of damages. For any further information, please visit our SARVI.


We are several victims, can we fill out the same form ?

If several victims are involved in the same claim, one form should be completed for each victim.


I am a lawyer, can I refer a claim to the SARVI on behalf of my clients ?

Yes, a lawyer can refer a claim to the SARVI. You can download the form directly from our website by clicking here. Your contact information must appear in the ‘applicant’ field and those of your client in the ‘victim’ field.


I wish to submit my claim to the SARVI, what is the procedure to follow ?

To submit a claim, simply fill out the online form on our website by clicking here. Include with the form the mandatory documents specified on this document.


What are the conditions for applying to the SARVI ?

Why apply to the :SARVI :
It must be a criminal* ruling awarding damages
The ruling must be final*
The claim must be referred to the SARVI within one year of the final ruling.
The claim must be referred to the SARVI within one year of the final ruling.


Can the form be filled out manually and must it be sent by regular or registered letter ?

In addition to the option to report your claim online on our SARVI portal, it is also possible to fill in your request by hand and send it to us by post. Registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt is not mandatory but it is strongly recommended for applying to the SARVI.


I am a legal entity/company/community/association, can I benefit from the SARVI’s recovery assistance ?

Tradespeople, traders and professionals in a private practice who operate under their own name are admissible as victims in the exercise of their profession, provided that it is the natural person who has brought a civil action before the criminal court and not the legal person. Legal entities, companies, communities and associations cannot benefit from the SARVI mechanism.


I am a victim, can I contact the SARVI directly without a lawyer ?

OYes, you can apply to the SARVI even without a lawyer.


Does the full ruling need to be sent ?

Yes, a full ruling with an executory formula is mandatory for a manager to properly analyse the claim.


There are several convicted persons, do I have to send several copies of the form ?

It is not necessary to submit multiple copies of the form. One form is sufficient and additional information can be sent to us regarding the debtor’s income or assets.


Is your service free and confidential ?

Yes, our service is free and confidential for any natural person. No information about you will be sent to a third party.


What documents are required to send a complete claim ?

By viewing our online form on, you can view the list of documents required to properly compile your claim. Only photocopies of documents are requested.


For what types of crimes can the SARVI intervene ?

The SARVI intervenes for minor bodily injury (total inability to work for under 30 days) or certain property damage, which cannot be compensated by the CIVI or by your insurer.


I’m a victim and I signed a schedule with the convicted person. May I send the same claim to you ?

You cannot apply to the SARVI while there is an ongoing schedule in place. However, you can to turn to our services if the convicted person does not respect the commitment made.


My claim is complete and admissible, what’s the next step ?

If your claim is complete and admissible, we will pay you either part or all of the damages. If the amount awarded by the judge is greater than €1,000, the Law provides that an advance payment corresponding to 30% of this amount will be sent to you by our services. Whatever the amount allocated, the FGTI-SARVI payment will not exceed €3,000.


Can I apply to both the SARVI and the CIVI at the same time ?

Before referring the matter to the SARVI, it is advisable to wait for the CIVI’s rejection decision.


I was the victim of a traffic accident. Can I file a claim with the SARVI ?

Traffic accidents fall within the scope of the FGAO.


What do articles 375 and/or 475-1 of the Criminal Procedure Code mean ?

These are legal costs awarded by the criminal court. They are taken care of by the SARVI (with some exceptions) which deals with the total claim, i.e. damages and sums awarded for legal costs. On the other hand, the SARVI does not take on claims where the court decision only awards legal costs (without damages).


I’ve got an open claim, but I still have some questions :

I have an open claim, and I need some clarification

I have an open claim, and I have new information

I have an open claim, and I’m wondering about recovery